BREAKING NEWS: Local man forego's jury trial, accepts plea deal in 2011 homicide.

The 2nd Degree Murder trial of 21 year old Cornelius Everett ended almost before it started early Monday after he accepted a plea deal

in the case.

Everett pleaded guilty to a reduced charge of Manslaughter in the First Degree and will serve 15 years in jail.

That's according to a news release issued by the Fairbanks District Attorneys Office.

Everett had faced a maximum 99 years in jail had he gone to trial and been convicted on the Murder charge.

According to Fairbanks Police, Everett beat 55 year old Johnson Griffin to death in Griffin's Northward Building apartment in late

June, 2011.

The case was not initially classified as a homicide, but a medical examiners report stated Griffin died of blunt force trauma to his

chest that caused severe internal bleeding.

Everett will be sentenced in the case on October 31.