BREAKING NEWS: Lisbey pleads to 2nd Degree Murder.

In a surprise role of reversal, a 20 year old accused killer has accepted a plea deal from State Prosecutors, and will serve 10 years in jail on a reduced murder charge.

During hearings early Wednesday, Jacques Lisbey pleaded guilty to a single count of Second Degree Murder in the August, 2011 shooting death of 20 year old Malik Moore.

The more serious charge of First Degree Murder, in addition to other charges that included Robbery in the First Degree in an unrelated case, were dismissed.

Authorities say Lisbey shot Moore six times in a wooded area near the Sandvik Apartments, in what they say was a dispute over a female acquaintance.

Trial testimony in the case was in its third day when the plea deal was struck.

The plea deal was met with anger from the victim's mother, Terrinita Smith, who said "justice was not served" in the case.

"I disagree with this plea," Smith told Lisbey, who sat quietly nearby. "You shot my son six times, and left him to die in a wooded area. One day you will go free, but

there is a God. And when your time comes, I hope you burn in Hell."

Lisbey has already served almost two years in jail.

Sentencing in the case is set for July.