BREAKING NEWS: Fugitive from Michigan arrested in Fairbanks area.

A 58 year old fugitive is housed in federal custody at the Fairbanks Correctional Center, on a "no bail" status, for alleged crimes said to have taken place in the state of


Joel Howard James was arrested Wednesday by the U.S. Marshal Service.

Court records say James was working for Alyeska Pipeline Service Company when he was taken into custody.

James made his initial court appearance in Fairbanks District Court Friday afternoon, engaging in a verbal spat, on a repeated basis, with District Court Master

Alicemary Rasley about his current state of affairs.

"I'm not a fugitive, I didn't do anything," said James to Rasley. "Does that mean anything to you?" "Is this what you do to innocent people?"

Rasley responded "Mr. James, we're not doing this, there's nothing I can do for you here today."

"You are not being charged here in Alaska," said Rasley. "We're done."

According to court records, James was wanted in Alpena County, Michigan for the alleged crime of "Accosting Children For Immoral Purposes."

News Center 11 on Friday evening spoke with Michigan authorities, via telephone.

They say the alleged crime is one of "approaching, soliciting or bribing" children for illicit purposes.

Bail on the warrant was set at $250,000 after Alpena County authorities say James fled their jurisdiction.

According to an affidavit filed by U.S. Marshal Gilbert Morales, who arrested James in Fairbanks, he was identified by a photograph, an Alaska Drivers License, and through his work

Supervisor, who pointed him out to authorities.

James will remain in jail awaiting extradition back to Michigan in order to face charges against him.

Next hearings in the case, here in Fairbanks, are set for September 6.