BREAKING NEWS: Federal, state drug authorities conduct area-wide sweep on a number of locations.

Federal and statewide drug enforcement authorities served search warrants on a number of locations earlier today (Wednesday).

And while little is known about the whole scope of their investigation, one well known organization also has the collective eye of law enforcement.

Investigators served one such search warrant this morning at "The Scents," which is located in Hoitt's Plaza on South Cushman Street. The store has been the source of numerous complaints to police for "around the clock" high "traffic," as well as their alleged sale of illegal drugs, which are said to include the highly popular synthetic marijuana called "Spice."

The property owner was on-scene, but refused an on-camera interview with News Center 11. He did however say he's (quote) "been trying to get the store owners off of my (his) property for months."

He wouldn't elaborate further.

This is a developing story. News Center 11 will have more as information becomes available.