Bray and Flaharty come away with sprint wins at Birch Hill

FAIRBANKS-Today skiers of all ages went up to Birch Hill for the second set of races in the Flint Hills Resources Alaska Town Series. Today was the Fairbanks Youth Sports Sprint Festival. High schoolers and adults sprinted on a 1K course. They were quarter, semi and final rounds.

In the men's B final Sergei Wegner of Valdez took top honors. Hannah Johnson of Tanana Valley Middle took the women's B top spot.

In the women's A final Maria Bray took first she also won last week's races. Hannah Stevens was second, followed by Dayva Flaharty. West Valley's Jenna Difolco was the first high school girl to finish.

For the men's A final Tyson Flaharty blew away the field with a convincing win. Riley Troyer was second, Joe Bue was third for the Wolfpack. Bob Baker won the men's master's class.

Bray says she races to keep the youngsters motivated.

"I figure it's good to be out there for them. It's good for their heads, good for-keep them challenged, stay out with them as long as I can. Make them work for it. That's my goal," Bray said.
Flaharty likes the fact the younger skiers are growing to the level where they can keep up with him. He believes it says a lot of the younger skiers coming up.

"I think the future looks good for Fairbanks skiing. It's fun to race against a bunch of new guys that are slowly improving. I remember watching them 10 years ago when they were just barely starting to ski and now I can race against them. So that's always fun," Flaharty said.