BP Teacher of the year

Tomorrow school officially begins for the Fairbanks North Star Borough School District .Today members of the Fairbanks Chamber of Commerce recognized the teachers with banners and posters.

But more importantly the spotlight was on one teacher in particular from Lathrop High School Chris (Benshoff).

Benshoff was named the British Petroleum Teacher of the year.

Pete Davis Superintendent for the School District described Benshoff as "the epitome of what we look for in a teacher, he cares about kids and teaches them to be self reliant.




Afterwards, the teacher spoke about how proud he was on his selection. "So being named the State Teacher of the year was both an honor and a humbling experience.

I know that the quality of my teaching is direct reflection of the teachers that I had both as student and that I work with now at Lathrop and here in Fairbanks. So it was an honor to be recognized and to meet a lot of other good teachers around the nation as a result of that.

And I know it is because of the support that I've had in my profession and early in my career."