Bone Marrow Drive takes shape at Old U-Park School this weekend.

Beginning Friday morning, and running through Saturday afternoon, local organizers will hold court at the Old University

Park Elementary School, all for a good cause.

They'll be encouraging citizens to join the Bone Marrow Registry.

Alan Mitchell, an event organizer, says thousands of patient depend on the "match" Registry in hopes of finding a donor

that could possibly give them a second chance at life.

"Bone marrow transplants can be done two different ways," says Mitchell.  "It can be done just by recycling the blood.  You'll

get attached and then they kind of recycle it."

"The other way," says Mitchell " is doing what most people know, which is the shot in the hip and then they pull he bone marrow out

by itself."

Mitchell says "just that little bit, just that little effort right there can give somebody two years, five years, several years of a life."

Tomorrow's drive gets underway at 10 am and runs through 3pm on Friday and Saturday.

Active-duty military soldiers, however, are not permitted to participate in the drive without first contacting their base health care professional first.