Bob Eley leaves News-Miner

FAIRBANKS-A time for reflection. One of pillars in local sports media is putting the pen down. Bob Eley, sports editor of the Fairbanks Daily News-Miner, will leave the paper for good tomorrow at midnight after his last night shift.

In his last column Eley said he will still be in Fairbanks after retiring from the News-Miner this weekend. After 33 years of writing sports Eley said his philosophy was that he worked for the readers and the players he covered.

He said he will become a fan again, participate in the Alaska International Senior Games and possibly run the Equinox Marathon. Eley also wrote he will enjoy his garden and still carry on his tradition in May with his Bob B Que get-togethers.

You can catch Bob at the Big I on August 9th starting at 5 pm for his celebration as well.

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