Blood Bank low on Deposits


The blood bank says there is a critical shortage of "O" positive and "O" negative blood in Fairbanks.
"O" negative and "O" positive are rare types and known as the universal donor because it can be used by anyone.
It's important for the blood bank to have the "O" type blood on hand because  they get weekly orders from the Fairbanks Memorial Hospital and Basset Army Hospital.
The need is not only in Fairbanks but Anchorage is also soliciting donations to fill their requirements.
Normal donations have decreased and the Blood Bank is encouraging former new donors to help during this crisis.
FELICIA RODRIGUEZ, COMMUNITY COORDINATOR told us"So currently we are critically in need of "O" negative and "O" positive blood. The Anchorage hospitals and the Fairbanks locally here.  FMH within the last week have needed blood products for patients and usually we see a 100 donors a day get registered and this month our average has gone down, and we are averagely seeing 85 donors a day."
Appointments are preferred but walk–ins are also welcome.
If you have questions, call 456–5645.