Better safety in Chena Tracts area


Two years ago, residents of the chena small tracts area voiced concerns to elected officials about pedestrian safety, especially for children, who use the road for walking, bike riding and catching school buses.
Today, the department of transportation will hold a meeting at woodriver school to present a proposal to deal with the problem.
The idea is to build a multi use path along chena small tracts from the chena pump road intersection to the chena Kiwanis park.
The study for the project was funded by the legislature, but no money has been set aside for the project itself, which is expected to cost about 1 point 3 million dollars.
Newscenter 11 spoke with Russ johnson, DOT&PF engineering manager, who told us "Its got 11 foot lanes, which is a little less than typical that you see around town. It has really lacking shoulders it's got no shoulders in some areas so in the winter time when there's snow berms on the side of the road really the kids and the pedestrians that use this facility are out in the roadway so, we want to get them off the roadway."