Behling and Sammons win national qualifier

NORTH POLE, AK-Last night the North Pole Speedway had it national qualifier races. One big highlight from last night were cars going a bit air-born. In the Legends second heat of the night John Beck in the 27 car lands on Nate Parker in the 19 car. Both drivers would be ok and be able to race in the main event.

With a national qualifier on everyone's mind all the drivers aggressive and looking to get points and a checkered flag. The two leaders in the Bandos and Legends class showed why they've been on top all season.

Justin Sammons and Dave Behling went 3-0. Winning both heats and the main event in their respective classes. Sammons was congratulated by his fellow Bandos racers for his wins with a water bottle fight.

"I think there's a lot of testosterone on the track tonight. Everybody was pushing hard for it," Behling said. He also describe what was on his mind going into the track "Positive thinking. That was it. Just not thinking about the bad stuff that could happen just focus on finishing."
"The car was hooking pretty well all through the night until we hit the main. Then I had to chased the car around little bit because of the oil everywhere," Sammons said. "Anytime you have something big, a big surprise or a prize at the end of something you always want to run harder, do your best."