Beaver Sports Canoe Race Series features Olympic hopeful

FAIRBANKS, AK-Last evening along the Chena River a few canoe lovers set out on the local waterways for the second race of the Beaver Sports Tuesday Night Canoe Race Series despite the rain. The race started at 7 p.m. by Graehl Landing at ended at Chena Pump Small Tracts. The race had canoe and kayak classes.

For the men's division Reese Hanneman and Karl Hanneman finished in an hour seven seconds for first. The SeaHawks, Ken Leary and Jane Leblond won the mixed class coming in a minute and seven seconds later. The daddy and daughter team of Greg and Stephanie Whisenhant were first for the kayak class in one hour seven minutes and 15 seconds.

Resse Hanneman is training for the Olympics. The cross country skier has 9 sponsors including PowerBar, Oakley and The Alaska Club. Hanneman was third in the 2010 National Championships Classic Sprint. The Alaska Pacific and Nordic Ski Club member says canoe racing is a great cross training workout but his real training is more intense.

"I'm training for cross country skiing so last week I was down in Gertwood taining on a glacier up there so I was skiing 4 to 5 hours a day for a week and usually I do weeks, and weeks and weeks and weeks of that in a row," Hanneman said.
Stephanie Whisenhant describes how her and father work together while racing.

"Since I'm at the front, I set the pace and he just follows along when were in the canoe and I call out when we switch sides," Whisenhant said.

Stephanie also describes the different boats in the canoe race and thier advantages.

"The kayak is a lot slower but we are closer to the river so it's less air resistance but the canoe is definitely faster," Whisenhant said.