Barnette Mall

Big news was made recently when a couple of local tycoons purchased the Barnette Mall for one million dollars.Where is the Barnette Mall?

It's located inside Barnette Magnet School.

It's only open on Fridays, and it services the 4th through 8th grade classes.

The idea for the mall concept complete with shops, was created by Colleen Smith a teacher at Barnette.

She wanted to find a way to educate students about finances and understanding how money exchanges work.

Each student acquires spending dollars by attendance along with rewards for exceptional school work.

The two tycoons are actually two 8th graders who saw an opportunity and decided to use their business knowledge and purchase the shops in the mall and receive lease payments from the shopkeepers.

Sean Rover says he was excited about buying the mall ""Well we were talking to Miss Colleen one day about all this business stuff.

And then she gave us an offer on the mall, and so we took that offer and we got a loan from her she's like the government, and then we are paying it off steadily every month."

Cole Thomas is the other banker who along with Sean thinks the mall is a great idea."I''ve always accumulated this idea because my dad started a Charles Schwab account, and I got really interested in investing in those.And it became kind of a fun entertainment for me."