Barista's killer dead, linked to multiple homicides

Authorities in Vermont on Monday described accused serial killer Israel Keyes as a man whose sole purpose was to "Travel the country, kidnap and kill."

They say he was also a man who closely monitored media reports of the people he murdered, and once apprehended, repeatedly refused to divulge vital information into his crimes if police tried to tie him to the unsolved crimes.

The 34-year-old Keyes, in jail for the murder of 18-year-old Anchorage resident Samantha Koenig, died early Sunday in his jail cell. Alaska State Troopers say Keyes apparently took his own life.

Keyes told police he abducted Koenig outside her place of employment last winter. Koenig was the subject of an intensive search that ended just over a month later when her body was found in a lake in the Mat-Su Valley. Keyes was apprehended later in Texas after he had been caught using Koenig's debit card. Since his arrest, Keyes has been vocal with police, going as far as saying he has multiple personalities.

Authorities say in addition to the Koenig murder, Keyes had been suspected of killing at least seven other people in different parts of the United States. Keyes was set to begin trial for the Koenig murder in March of next year. Authorities say Keyes had slowly been giving them information into a host of other homicides when he committed suicide in his jail cell.