Bail set for man accused of taking child and leading authorities on manhunt

Not guilty pleas today for the Fairbanks man accused of assaulting a woman inside of her residence and then taking a minor child.

27-year-old Juan Figueroa is charged with numerous misdemeanors after he and his girlfriend, Evelina Stewart, led authorities on a manhunt yesterday.

Court documents reveal Figueroa and Stewart entered a residence on Meadow Rue uninvited; Stewart then assaulted her mother, continuously punching her in the head.

The mother was holding the child, and the attack caused her to fall on top the 3-year-old.

Figueroa then assaulted another person inside of the home, breaking her phone so she was unable to call police for help.

The two ended up turning themselves in to a law office in town after the manhunt.

Bail for Figueroa was set at one-thousand dollars.