Aurora show downtown

Even though we still have plenty of daylight, the auroras are still visible, at least down on second avenue.

Thanks to long time photographer Leroy Zimmerman, the auroras are brought to life daily at 8pm in the Ice Museum.

The hour and a half video features the best of Zimmerman's photos put to symphonic music.

Whether it's green and yellow bands racing across the sky with a comet in the background, or a combination of blue, red and green exploding in the sky in an angelic shape, Zimmerman says he never tires of the thrill he gets when the "Northern Lights" decide to light up the sky with a myriad of waves and streaks.

"There's time when you're out there waiting in the dark, for what seems like nothing, and you get incredibly bored and incredibly cold and you're ready to go and pack it up and go home.

Then the auroras come out and you forget everything.

You forget that you're tired, you forget that you're cold, you just get swept up in the magic of what's happening over your head.

It's pretty amazing!"

The show runs seven days a week each night at 8pm.