Army life is training

Officers and senior N C O's of the 1st of the 25th Stryker brigade combat team, Brigade Troops Battalion,  undergo constant exercise and training to be ready for their next mission at a moment's notice.

One of the tests was called Tour de Hell.

The events purpose was to physically challenge the soldiers as well as test their knowledge of basic warrior tasks.

Some of the challenges the soldiers faced include an 8 mile rough march, equipment swim, radio assembly and loading and unloading a Chinook helicopter.

The Tour de Hell also gave the soldiers of the BTB a chance to better get to know one another.
BTB Commander LTC Michael Braun said "We're building Esprit de Corps in the unit, it's a way for everyone to come together get a little mud on the uniform get out, get dirty, get tired, sweaty. This is a way for everyone in the battalion to get to know each other do something that's a little challenging and also a lot of fun."