Another track meet canceled

FAIRBANKS, AK-Apparently old man winter is being stubborn about leaving the interior kind of like when you're grandfather is telling that same story for the umptenth time.

The winter weather has cancelled another track meet. The Mini B meet at North Pole High School was supposed to take place this Saturday but the snow this week pretty much made a cancellation inevitable. The Mini A meet was also canceled this month.

I caught up with Steve Zanazzo, Lathrop's activities coordinator about the cancellations and what will be done to supplement for the loss meets.

"No make up dates at this point. But most of our local teams went to Anchorage last weekend and competed in the Dome down there, a cover track they have in Anchorage and they'll do that this weekend as well," Zanazzo said.

Zanazzo also said this extended winter could really compromise the track and field season if the snow and cold throws the Interior for another curve.

"We put them on the schedule hoping that we'll have those mini meets in early April but unfortunately with the weather we've had lately those aren't gonna happen. Now we're nervous about our actual real meets coming here in a few weeks, that those are going to come into play and our tracks and fields will be cleared and ready to go."