Angel Rocks Trail Closed due to report of Grizzly Bears

(Photo of Grizzlies on Angel Rocks, Taken Sunday. Courtesy Eric DiGiovanna.)

Over the weekend the Angel Rocks Trail was closed due to bear sightings.

The gate to the trail at mile 49.5 Chena Hot Springs Road was closed at 8:30pm due to multiple reports on Sunday of Grizzly Bears as seen in the photo above.

According to Alaska State Park Rangers, the Bears were on the trail prohibiting hikers from using it.

The Grizzlies were reported as a sow with cubs and were not acting aggressively according to the reports received.

However, for the safety of hikers, Ranger Nicole Potter decided to close the trail and it will remain closed until Rangers feel it is safe to reopen.

The Newscenter spoke to Alaska State Park Ranger Nicole Potter who said, "The bears were not aggressive at least that's not the report we got, but they were on the trail and prohibiting hikers from using the trail.”

When asked when the trail would reopen Potter said, “We'll be monitoring the trail to see if the bear activity remains and once the bears move on and we decide it's safe to open the trail we will."