Alternative Education Opportunities Shared with FNSB Parents


"Schools Choice" is an opportunity for the Fairbanks North Star Borough School District to showcase alternative programs for parents looking for an option outside of the traditional schools.
Yesterday in the School District's boardroom, Schools Choice representatives from within the districts, came and displayed some of their items and conversed with parents about what educational services they could provide.
This is the second year for the exhibit which, last year, resulted in numerous recruitments of students.
Officials with the program say that Schools Choice is very successful in achieving its goal for parents.
KATHY HUGHES, FNSB EXEC. DIR. of ALTERNATIVE INSTRUCTION told Newscenter 11 "A lot of times folks are in competition with one another for those students, where these are all district programs.  So whether they are going to one of the charter schools, the correspondent school, or the magnet school, we want to make sure they get good information about that school and the district, so we collaborate to make it happen."