All personal-use firewood areas are open in the Fairbanks area


All personal-use firewood areas are open in the Fairbanks area


(Fairbanks, Alaska) – Effective on Wednesday, July 31, the Alaska Division of Forestry has reopened all personal-use firewood cutting areas on state lands in the Fairbanks area. Logging roads that had provided public access to these areas were closed to cutting due to high fire danger and the possibility that new fires could start through firewood-cutting activities. 

While human-caused fires continue to be of concern statewide because of sustained hot and dry weather conditions, Fairbanks area conditions have moderated enough that the area-wide closure is no longer necessary. The public is asked to please use caution with any activities that could start a fire, including wood cutting and gathering. Individuals are responsible for any wildfires they start, including accidental fires. 

The following logging roads and firewood areas are now open: Standard Creek, Skinny Dicks, Manley Hot Springs, Elliot Burn Woodlot, Haystack Woodlot, Hardluck Burn, Steese Burn, Two Rivers, Bonanza Creek, Cache Creek, Nenana Ridge, and Mosquito Creek.

 A personal use firewood permit must be purchased prior to harvesting within the designated firewood areas. For information about the permit and for maps of woodlots, go to or visit Fairbanks Area Forestry, located in the Department of Natural Resources Northern Region building at  3700 Airport Way, Fairbanks.

For additional information, please call Fairbanks Area Forestry at 451-2600.