Alaska State Troopers release identification of fire victim

Alaska State Troopers have positively identified the man who died in a cabin fire last week as Todd Upton of Fairbanks.

The cause of the fire as well as Upton’s manner of death is still under investigation.

The victim was connected to a high profile 2005 arson-murder case in Fairbanks.

Upton’s mother was beaten to death in her home and the house set on fire in late 2005.

He was initially investigated as a suspect in the case but Alaska State Troopers later turned their suspicion to Upton’s brother, Curtis Upton after he burned his father’s residence to the ground.

Curtis Upton was charged with First Degree Murder and Arson but was found mentally incapable of standing trial in his own defense.

Curtis Upton later pled guilty to the murder charge and is serving a 50-year prison term.

Todd Upton was never charged with the murder of his mother.