Alaska State Troopers investigate viral video

An arrest made by Alaska State Troopers of a woman in Kodiak is now under investigation by the state Office of Professional Standards.

The entire thing was caught on video by a teenager at the home during the arrest and was posted on YouTube.

Troopers initially responded Monday night to the home for a report of an apparent pill overdose.

The video shows 20 year old Skyler Irene Waite arguing with Troopers.

As the Trooper was leaving, Waite reaches up and the Trooper knocks her to the floor and then places her under arrest.

The Newscenter spoke to Alaska State Trooper Colonel Keith Mallard regarding the investigation who stated, "What I can tell you about the two troopers that are in the video is that they are still in their normal work schedule. As you can imagine with an agency as large as ours we take this seriously. And in fairness to both Ms. Waite and the troopers we're purposely trying to stay objective not jumping to any judgment or conclusions or judgment on either of their activities captured in the video until we have all of the facts gathered."

You can see the video at the link below: