Alaska Redistricting Board held Public Hearings today

Election boundaries are once again the topic for change in Alaska.

Today the Alaska Redistricting Board held a public hearing to consider 7 possible political district configurations that it had created as well as 5 others that were submitted.

The hearings were held around the state in Fairbanks, Anchorage, and Juneau.

The Alaska Supreme Court ruled last year that the board's plans were unconstitutional and that the House districts must be compact and contiguous.

Today's topics included the socioeconomic integration problems the current districts face.

Interior Residents attended the hearing in hopes that their concerns for Redistricting in Alaska would be considered.

Steve Ginnis with the Fairbanks Native Association said, “"Under this current plan it's more compact, most of the interior villages are included in one district. In my view the villages along the Yukon need to be compacted in one district because we all have the same culture and some different languages but we are all Athabascan people."