Alaska Railroad Corporation Announces Reorganization, further Cuts

FAIRBANKS, Ak -- The Alaska Railroad Corporation has announced a major corporate restructuring which includes the elimination of fifty-four positions statewide.

The move is a cost–cutting measure due to significant drops in revenue streams, reduced Federal funding and additional financial obligations due to unfunded Federal mandates.

ARRC has experienced a $45,000,000 negative swing in finances from 2011 until now.

Twenty-five of the fifty-four positions eliminated are already vacant, including two of three positions eliminated in Fairbanks.

ARRC President and CEO, Chris Aadnesen, says they take the loss of employees very seriously.

The only silver lining, he says, is to the outside eye, the railroad corporation remains unchanged.

"Our goal in this reorganization was not only to save money, but to make sure that we did it in a manner where if you're outside the organization, like if you're a passenger on one of our passenger trains, or a shipper that uses our freight, everything will seem the same," Aadnesen said.  "The quality of the service and the amount of service will be the same as it has been," He continued.  "Where it will look different is if you're inside the company."