Alaska pilot accused of bootlegging to dry towns


Prosecutors say a Fairbanks pilot turned a blind eye to the illegal alcohol carried in his Cesna 206 on numerous trips to dry or damp communities in Northwestern Alaska. 
  ``Dry'' or ``damp'' villages are communities that have passed laws banning or restricting the sale of alcohol, where a 750-milliliter bottle can fetch up to $250. 
  Importing more than 10 liters is a felony.
  The Statewide Drug Enforcement Unit says in an affidavit that 60-year-old pilot Ken Jouppi made 10 bootlegger flights in 2010 to the communities of  Ambler and Shungnak. 
  The affidavit alleges that Jouppi made a habit of not asking his passengers questions about suspicious cargo, or even weighing it before takeoff.