Alaska Innocence Project wants more data of DNA testing in 1987 murder case

FAIRBANKS- After paperwork was filed in Fairbanks Superior Court last week claiming that biological evidence scientifically linked convicted killer Michael Alexander to his victim, the Alaska Innocence Project says they think the filing is premature.

The state has asked for a dismissal of the post–conviction relief for Alexander after a lab found that DNA evidence "cannot exclude" him.

Alexander has been in jail serving a 198 year sentence for the 1987 murder of then 17–year–old West Valley High School Student, Kathy Stockholm.

Bill Oberly, Head of the Innocence Project, said that he has yet to actually receive the filing, but does have the screening report.

That report, Oberly says, lacks any underlying data– something that is standard in any DNA screening.

Oberly says he plans to "start with the results of the test and how the test was done and go from there."

He says that until all evidence and data is reported, he will continue with the filing, adding "Before any conclusions are reached, people I would think would want all the information and that is certainly what I am going to seek to do."