Alaska House Passes LNG Trucking Legislation

FAIRBANKS, Ak - After weeks of going from one committee to another, the Alaska House of Representatives has passed legislation for a natural gas trucking project.

Shortly after 5 pm, the House floor took up SB 23, a financing package plan to kick–start the creation of a natural gas liquefaction plant on the north slop with the intent of trucking LNG to the Interior.

The initial vote was unanimous across the house floor, but the vote, as per custom, was reconsidered moments later.

After reconsideration, the vote stood at 38 "Yays," and zero "No" votes.

The Alaska Senate approved their version of the bill several weeks prior from today's vote.

Interior Representative Steve Thompson, shortly before the vote, told his colleagues this legislation is not a "gimme" for the interior.

"This gives the tools to AIDEA to finance the plan," Thompson said.  "This is truly a financing plan and not a grant."  "This project will only move forward if it makes economic sense," He continued.