Alaska Center for Children and Adults to host Family Field Day

FAIRBANKS, Ak -- The Alaska Center for Children and Adults will hold their inaugural Family Field Day on Saturday and are inviting the entire community to join them.

Registration begins at 10 am at Denali Elementary and games and activities are scheduled until 3 pm.

Activities planned range from tug–of–war contests, 3-legged and wheelbarrow races and a rather intricate obstacle course.

Organizers say they've been looking for better ways to engage the community and thought a family field day fund–raiser was appropriate because almost all families can recall attending large activity–laden celebrations as kids.

Executive Director Susan Kessler say, "We're a very family oriented agency.  Families are important to all of the programs that we provide services and we wanted people of all ability levels to feel welcome and to be able to participate in any family event we hosted."