Alan Hoover wins third straight Harbdat title

FAIRBANKS, AK-The Fairbanks Interior Table Tennis had the Jerry Smith Hardbat Championships over the weekend. This year Alan Hoover got the trifecta. Hoover won the Open Singles championships for the third straight year.

Hoover beat Diann Darnall 21-12 in boths sets to win the title after getting past Eric Carvalho in the semifinals.

If you can't beat em join em. Darnall and Hoover teamed up and won the Round Robin Open Doubles.

Dortan Patryka and Chris Silks were smooth as Chris last name. They ran the table going undefeated in the Round Robin Limited Doubles.

Dave DeMay won this year's Jerry Smith Spirit of the Game Award for his sportsmanship.

All proceeds from the tournament go to the American Diabetes Association in memory of the much beloved table tennis competitor Jerry Smith.

Darnall spoke highly of this year's event.

"Extremely competitive, you want to win that point. So, yeah we're out there to keep the ball on the other person's side as long as we can so yeah, we're getting some good rallies, there's some good competition. This year the competition is tougher than ever because we've been playing since January. It's just awesome. We just do it in the spirit of our friend Jerry Smith who passed away 2009. He just loved competition, friendship, and uh, you know, playing with your heart, leaving it all on the table. So that's what we do just have a good time and play," Darnall said.