Aging, Exercise, and a New Supplement

FAIRBANKS-  Professor of Biology, Robert Coker, will discuss a revolutionary food supplement that he developed, which will help maintain muscles as we age. The supplement is like a super–charged protein blend that allows the elderly to lose weight, without exercise, and preserve muscle strength. He will also talk about the progressive loss of muscle as people age, or unintended muscle loss as people recuperate from injuries. The free lecture, "Aging, Exercise and Disease Prevention," is Wednesday, at 5:30 p.m., in Schaible Auditorium at UAF. It isn't only for health fanatics; Coker says it’s a topic that impacts everyone, “Making sure we can get up in the morning, take a bath or a shower, prepare our food, go to work if we're still working, making it so we can take care of ourselves and someone else doesn't have to."