Affidavit claims FPD failed to document confession in Fairbanks 4 case

Court Documents filed yesterday by the Alaska Innocence Project claim official with the Fairbanks Police Department and District Attorney's Office knew about a murder confession as early as 2011 in the case of the Fairbanks 4.

That confession, by William Holmes allegedly made to a Department of Corrections Officer, was forwarded to local officials shortly thereafter.

In a sworn affidavit by Andy Klamser, investigator hired by the Alaskan Innocence Project, interviews were conducted with Fairbanks Police Detectives Lt. Jim Geier and Christopher Nolan.

Revealed in the interview, the Assistant District Attorney at the time, Scott Mattern was notified of the confession.

When asked if any documentation of the correspondence between law enforcement officials was created other than emails, Detective Nolan told Klamser, "No, I got it and basically I didn't write anything up."

The Newscenter has reached out to Fairbanks Police Department for comment; however they have not returned our calls as of this time.