Accused Sex Offender changes mind to plea deal.

What was supposed to be a plea deal and subsequent jail term for a 52-year old accused sex offender, has resulted

in Viktor Malyk turning down the deal and asking to be tried by a jury of his peers instead.

On March 15th, attorneys for Malyk stated he would plead guilty to a single count of Second Degree Sexual Assault in

exchange for having a host of more serious alleged crimes against him dismissed.

As part of that agreement, Malyk would serve a 9 year prison term and have to register as a sex offender for 15 years.

Twelve days later, apparently, Malyk is having a change of heart.

During hearings late Wednesday afternoon, with the alleged victim participating via telephone, and despite the urgings

from his attorney that he do otherwise, Malyk told Judge Douglas Blankenship he wants to go to trial instead.

Malyk also asked Blankenship if he could fire his court-appointed Public Defender Brent Bennett.

In light of today's decision, Malyk faces a six count criminal indictment that includes a single count of First Degree Sexual Assault,

an Unclassified Felony offense that carries a maximum 99 year prison term in he is convicted.

Trial in his case is now set for the week of June 10th.