Accused rapist to accept plea deal.

Sources close to News Center 11 say trial for a 21 year old accused rapist will not take place, and instead Marcos Camacho will enter into a plea deal with prosecutors.

Camacho is charged with a single count of First Degree Sexual Assault, an Unclassified Felony offense that carries a maximum 99 years in jail.

Camacho is accused of assaulting a female student January 28, 2012 at a school-sanctioned UAF dance at the Wood Center on campus.

Attorneys representing the Satterberg Law Office are handling the case.

They say the woman consented to the sexual act, and that she "gave Camacho various signs by the way she danced with him, and other forms of alleged affection."

It's not known what Camacho will plead to, or how much jail time, if any, is involved.

He's currently free on bail release conditions.

Further hearings in the case are set for next week.