Accused murderer pleads innocent to killing another man.

Not Guilty pleas for a 50-year old man, accused of shooting another man to death on the City's South Side earlier this month.

Anthony Wayne Charleston is held without bail, accused of shooting 59-year-old David Schei to death on March 12th.

Charleston was arraigned in Fairbanks Superior Court earlier today.

Court records say Charleston, apparently angered over a verbal exchange between Schei  and a woman, identified as Carol Halley, confronted Schei.

Charleston told authorities in the midst of that confrontation, Schei assaulted him.

Charleston says he then pulled a 45 caliber handgun from his pocket and shot David Schei twice.

As Halley called 9–1–1, Charleston waited for authorities.

Charleston is charged with Second Degree Murder.

Trial in his case is set for the week of May 27th.