Accident on the Johansen Expressway

Late this afternoon officials were called to the scene of a two car accident on the Intersection of the Steese Highway and the Johansen Expressway.

Eye Witnesses at the scene said the accident happened quickly between a late model Subaru and a Suzuki Sport Utility Vehicle.

The two vehicles collided causing a spin out on the highway.

Both vehicles involved did have airbags deploy and injuries were reported in the wreck.

Although the injuries were minor, not much is known about the cause of the accident as police officers did receive conflicting information from the drivers on the scene.

Eye witness April White told the Newscenter, "It was very unexpected, I was just glad that everyone was okay. I immediately got out and made sure that the closest vehicle was okay. They were somewhat okay, there were some injuries unfortunately but everybody will be okay so that's good."

Police Officer Ron Dupee said, “We had a 2 car accident; one car was making a left hand turn onto the Johansen from the Steese northbound the other car was coming straight through the intersection southbound. We are still not sure about the conditions of the lights at the time of the accident but it's obvious someone failed to yield."