78th International Bonspiel Starts

FAIRBANKS, AK-The 78th International Bonspiel kicked off last night at the Fairbanks curling club. Starting a weekend full of curling action. A good crowd was at hand for the Super Hero themed event.

Some of the curlers dawned some costumes as well, Snidely Whiplash from the Rocky and Bullwinkle cartoons was curling as was the Moth. Yea the Moth from the cartoon the Tick.And one guy just made up his own superhero to get on the fun.

This is a round the clock bonspiel with games going on right now and continuing through Sunday for the championships. 35 teams are in this year's Bonspiel with 25 men's teams and 10 women's teams.

We caught up with a couple of local curlers and asked them about the atmosphere of this event which marks the end of the curling season.

"Bonspiel is a blast every year. It's like the biggest party in Fairbanks this weekend and you get to curl, which is a blast. Yeah we got into all aspects of it, on the ice and off the ice festivities," Joe Welch of the Fairbanks Curling Club said.
Also a member of the Fairbanks Curling Club, Russ Dennis wasn't about to miss curling expo.

"This is the event man. I haven't even curled in a year and I wasn't gonna miss Bonspiel for the world and I do it every year, three years in a row. It's still a million people here and the beers are still coming and it's just a blast. People walking around in spandex throwing stones across the ice, what more could you ask for," Dennis said.