4th Annual "Soup Off" will have 18 restaurants competing for a good cause

The Stone Soup Café provides hot meals to those less fortunate.

5 days a week volunteers work to ensure at least in the morning those who come will be fed.

This year's annual 4th "Soup Off" will help to fund the organization.

Tucked away on a side street off of College Road you'll find on any given morning the Stone Soup Café is jam packed with people, Executive Director Jennifer Jolis says, "This place provides hot meals five days a week and an atmosphere of respect,  people care here."

The less fortunate and hungry people who go to Stone Soup Café say they realize what the volunteers provide to them each day.

One man who has been a volunteer for years, Art Edeland said, "The donations that people give to this place we can really eat really good here. It's not like we just get a bowl of soup and a piece of bread and that is it, these people really care about other people."

This year on January 17th at the Westmark Hotel, the Stone Soup Café will be hosting its 4th Annual "Soup Off" and this year is the biggest yet with 18 restaurants participating.

The funds generated will help to fund the organization and Jolin says, "What is really important is that the fund that it generates account for about 8-10% of our annual budget. You met Dave our cook, he is the only paid employee everybody else here is a volunteer."

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