3 Fairbanks women shave their heads for a good cause

(Photo Courtesy Amy Kester)

Three women in Fairbanks have been making quite the buzz.

How? Well, by shaving their heads for a good cause.

It all started as a bet to raise money for the local American Cancer Society but Jo Karaffa said, "At first it was if we reached 2 thousand, but then we started talking and said, we are going to shave our head regardless."

For many women it would be a scary move, shaving off the hair that was mid-back length, but for these 3, it was liberating.

Tammy Crow told the Newscenter, "It was amazing. For me personally it was the most amazing thing I have ever done in my entire life. I would have never thought that it moved anybody let alone myself the way that it did. It changed so many things, it was amazing."

In return for their support of this cause, people have come out to these women thanking them for their participation. Also, Linden Transport helped them to match their funds, dollar for dollar raising close to 5-thousand dollars.

Amy Kester, the last of the three said it was that support that moved them the most, “We've have people come up to us and give us hugs, we've had people come up and tell us their story. We've had people cry with us. It's all very moving."