28th Tesoro Arctic Man is a record setter

SUMMIT LAKE-HOODOO MOUNTAINS, AK-Now to start of the 28th Tesoro Arctic Man had new division the adaptive class for skiers who have no use of their legs. These athletes use a their upper body strength as they swoop by sitting on one ski.  Tyler Walker and Paul Thacker won the first adaptive class event.

This was my first Arctic man and I ran into another rookie. Kayla Fry the UAA student who pulled Leilah Crowley to a second place finish in women's ski.
"It's a good environment. The girls field is pretty small, we all know each other and making friends and yeah we're here to win but it's about having fun too," Fry said.
A lot of these skiers and snowmachiners have been going up and down the beautiful Hoodoo mountains for years and can't resist event.. Johnathan Huff, a Fairbanksan finished his ski in four minutes for sixth place.
"Uh it was great. You know the, just off of First Aid there, just lots of air coming in. [My] legs are burning just coming all the way down to the finish."
Huff finished but like the second hill called First Aid where a number have wiped out, the team of Montablo and Johnson one the contenders did not finish.

But this year's arctic man was also record setting. Nate Holland, a another five time Arctic Man competitor, set a men's snowboard record finishing in four minutes in 26 seconds, going as fast as 58 mph. Holland wins back to back titles which is especially sweet for him since he didn't finish two arctic man appearances.
"Just mental checkpoints in my mind were going by a little faster than they had in years past. I was like wow this is feeling pretty good. Came across and felt like that was a really good time and felt like it was going to be a contender and turns out it was," Holland said.
The man of the of day was Tyler Acklestad. The Palmer native not only pulled Holland on his record setting snowboard run but he and Marco Sullivan three peated the men's ski event. They did it in three minute 52 seconds leading a fast field as three other teams finished under four minutes. Acklestad and Sullivan's three consecutive wins in the men's ski is an Arctic Man record.
"Just a great day, awesome weather the machine, you know my end, uh that's the kind of the big thing is getting the slide riding good and running good and uh, it was on point today. And uh, those guys did their job and I did mine," Acklestad said.