26 year old Salcha man jailed after hours long armed standoff.

A 26-year old Salcha man is in custody at this hour, after Alaska State Troopers say he abducted two women, engaged in a near seven hour standoff, then set the residence on

fire that he had been staying in.

Troopers late Wednesday identified the man as Scott Hottinger.

Troopers say just after midnight they received a report stating that a male suspect, later identified as Hottinger, was intoxicated, armed, and acting erratically.

When authorities arrived on-scene, Hottinger was said to have been holding the two unidentified woman against their will.

They also learned that he was intoxicated and under the influence of Methamphetamines.

Troopers say they have "an extensive history with him." (Hottinger)

They say when he refused to obey commands, the Trooper's Special Emergency Response Team was deployed from Fairbanks.

Troopers say the two women were eventually able to escape from the house, as officers tried to subdue Hottinger with "less than lethal" ammunition.

The standoff shut down the Richardson Highway between Milepost 320 and 324 until just after 7am.

Shortly before being apprehended, Hottinger told Troopers, via telephone, that he "wasn't going to jail tonight."

Moments later the house he had been staying in became engulfed in flames.

Salcha Fire Chief Tim Biggane and his crew were "staged" near the scene of the standoff during much of the ordeal, and worked feverishly to battle

the blaze.

"We were originally toned out to a medical incident at this residence," said Biggane. "We were advised to "stage up." The individual was taken into custody by AST,

and we were then advised that the house was on fire."

Troopers say shortly after the fire began, Hottinger was caught exiting through the rear of the house.

Residents watching the activity nearby say a potentially violent confrontation between Hottinger and law enforcement officials "was coming."

They refused to elaborate further.

Hottinger is charged with two counts of Kidnapping, Assault in the Third Degree, and Violating Conditions of his Release.

He's scheduled to be arraigned in Fairbanks District Court Thursday afternoon.

According the the Alaska Court System Website, at the time of Wednesday's incident, Hottinger was on bail release stemming from a February, 2013 case

where he was charged with DUI, Failure To Stop At the Direction of a Peace Officer, and other charges.

Trial in that case was set for the week of May 27.

Hottinger has an extensive criminal history, according to the website, that dates back to 2003.