241 Militia Trial Verdicts convict Cox, Vernon and Barney

FAIRBANKS, AK -- Jurors in the case of three Alaska militia members have reached a verdict on 15 of the 16 counts, and told the judge overseeing the case they were deadlocked on the remaining count.

Alaska Peacekeepers Militia leader Schaeffer Cox, Lonnie Vernon and Coleman Barney were charged with conspiring to kill government officials and amass a cache of dangerous weapons.

Of the strongest charges, both Cox and co–defendant Vernon have been found guilty of conspiring to kill Federal officials.

It is reported that Cox yelled to the jurors after the verdicts were read, "The prosecutors withheld evidence from you guys."

Jurors informed the judge that they could not reach a verdict on the same murder conspiracy charges against Coleman Barney.

Additionally, all three men were found guilty on count one, conspiracy to possess unregistered silencers and destructive devices.

Over the past five weeks, U.S. prosecutors in the case showcased evidence to the jurors which they believe proved the men were ready to kill federal law enforcement officials while protecting Cox at a television station appearance and had compiled a list of officials who would have been targeted.

The News Center will have more on the verdicts as information becomes available.