The 21st Sport of the Arctic Winter Games

FAIRBANKS- The Arctic Winter Games ends tomorrow, but there is one popular sport that hasn’t received a lot of coverage, pin trading. It’s so popular it has been branded, the 21st sport of the games. Michael Bork, the director for parks and recreation says it’s for people of all ages, whether you speak the same language or not. “Whether you know each other or not can walk up to each other and say, do you have pins to trade? And different pins have different perceived values.”

It’s easy to become a “pinthusiast” because pins don’t have to relate to the AWG, and you may end up with a special pin from Siberia or a tiny Canadian village. “That’s part of what AWG is all about , people from different cultures connecting on an athletic level and a cultural level,” Bork says. There is still one more day to trade pins. Pin Central is at the Centennial Building in Pioneer Park.