18 year old wants jury trial instead of plea deal.

For the second time this week, a Fairbanks resident, connected to a high profile criminal case, has gone against

plans to strike a plea deal with State prosecutors, and will got to trial in his case instead.

During a scheduled hearing Wednesday afternoon, 18-year old Christian Andrew Williams had been set to plead guilty

to a single count of Felony Assault in the First Degree in exchange for a 13 year prison term.

Apparently, Williams, just like accused sex offender Viktor Malyk earlier this week, has had a change of heart

as well, and told Judge Paul Lyle he wants to go to trial in the case.

Williams is charged with two counts of First Degree Attempted Murder, and a single count of Evidence Tampering.

If convicted, Williams could face as much as 99 years in jail.

Williams is accused of shooting 19 year old DeVante Woods and 18 year old Olajuwan Quint during an alleged game of

"Russian Roulette" last July 21st in the Hamilton Acres Subdivision.

Trial is scheduled for the week of May 27th.