15 year old Lathrop High School teen survives severe heart attack

You may have heard of CPR,  and how the tempo of the tune “Stayin’ Alive” is the rhythm to use.

But what can it mean when you are certified and actually perform it?

It can save a life  and it that's exactly what it did for Robbie Lewis a few weeks ago at Lathrop’s Jazz Festival.

Leslie Lewis, Robbie’s mother, received the call that all mothers dread.

Her son’s heart had completely stopped and he was being taken to the hospital.

She said, “It's really a mom's worst nightmare to hear that her child is on life support when she dropped him off healthy a couple of hours ago, it's really difficult, very difficult."

One message that was clear in this case -- the importance of CPR.

J.R. Lewis, Robbie’s father and KTVF-Morning News Anchor said, “"The thing that has come out of this for us, -- that is... really the legacy of it for us -- is the importance of CPR. I mean there is no other way to say it, if there hadn't have been people who knew how to do CPR, he wouldn't have survived this thing."

And something special for some of those who were prepared and ready to perform CPR -- Robbie’s mother was able to meet them while at Providence Medical Center’s ICU.

When asked about meeting of those who the family calls “Angels” she simply had this to say: "Well I just cried, I mean what else can you do? When somebody saves the life of a loved one just by being ready for starters, and being willing for seconders, and having the courage and the strength to do what needed to be done, there are no words of gratitude that a person can say."

If you want to donate to the Lewis family you can visit the link below.