Fairbanks is Home to the only Paranormal Investigation Team in Interior Alaska, Pt. 1

FAIRBANKS, AK - (Part 1 of 5) - Interior Alaska is home to one of the few paranormal investigation teams in the state.

Flip the TV channel and one can't help but land on an Alaskan–themed reality show like Deadliest Catch, or Alaska State Troopers, or the other popular subject, paranormal investigations, or ghost hunting, show like Ghost Hunters and Ghost Adventures.

Combine the two trends and the result is SOPAH Paranormal Investigations, Seekers of Paranormal and History.

"To date, since 2006, there's probably close to 70 different cases, most of them have been in Texas before coming up to Alaska, says Ryan French, Lead Investigator and founder of SOPAH.  “In Alaska, we've probably done close to 20 different cases."

Ryan French leads the crew in overnight investigations of reported hauntings and sightings, which would be difficult for any relationship to bear, if it weren't for the fact that his wife is also a team member.

"We are both military so we met through the military, ... We agree most of the times about things, so when we go together, it's like a team, we are a team, we do what we got to do and we don't panic, we don't freak out, so it's pretty awesome," said Tania French.

That is not the only husband/wife paranormal partnership in the group.  Blake and Julie Cogan say they've always been interested in the study.

"I had a little bit of interest but it really started when I moved up here,” said Julie Cogan.  “He was like, "Oh, I'm part of this ghost hunting group and do you want to come me?" and I'm like, "Okay.  I'm like, I don't know what I'm getting into, but I'll go with you.”

"We're just hoping that everyone will see us on TV and whatnot and contact us so that we can help them with finding out what may be haunting their place or if they think it's haunting or if they think it's something nice there and they want to know what it is, who is trying to watch over them,” Said Blake Cogan.  We are just trying to help them out."

There are three other members of SOPAH.  Josh Fortini, Maleaha Roof and newest member, Alisha Chase.

The News Center will speak with them in part two of the report and we’ll get a peek at some of the equipment they arm themselves with, in the hopes of capturing evidence of the paranormal.



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Actually there have been other paranormal groups. The most recent was PEAK which disbanded not too long ago. I currently do paranormal investigations on my own with my equipment when I have the time. There are alot of locals who are seeking help with paranormal actvity or are just curious about it. I would love to meet the members of SOPAH and possibly join up with them. Investigating paranormal activity has been a favorite past time of mine for many years.

Fairbanks is NOT Alaska's Only Paranormal Investigation Team

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submitted by dclark on Tue, 2012-05-01 16:16 ???DClark, You did not do your research before writing this article! IOPIA is in fact one of the oldest and currently largest databases in the world, over 3000 stories, on every faucet in Alaskan paranormal and the first to pop when googled! Not sure where your getting your information from. IOPIA has covered 100s of Alaska Haunts, Alaska UFOs and abductions, Strange Creatures and anything strange for over 20 years, in Alaska. IOPIA has also been featured several times on cable!!Here is the IOPIA website 18 years up and runninghttp://www.iopialaska.com Here is a link to IOPIA's radio showgoing for 4 years nowhttp://www.blogtalkradio.com/search/iopia/ IOPIA on Facebookhttp://www.facebook.com/search/results.php?q=Maleaha%20Roof%20&init=quick&tas=0.26546281681631384&search_first_focus=1336456178849#!/iopia.alaskaThere is NO WAY you nor the members of SOPHA have not heard of or know of Alaska's Largest, 2nd oldest (PEAK is the oldest) Local Paranormal Team, IOPIA!