Young boy dies in accident


An unidentified male, riding his bicycle, was struck and killed by a tractor trailer rig owned by Alyeska Pipeline Service Company.
According to North Pole Police, the accident occurred just before 3 p.m.  near  the Tesoro Service Station in North Pole on Badger Road.
Authorities say the truck had been making a left hand turn off of Badger Road into the parking area.
Investigators were still on-scene as of news time.
No information, including age, was being released about the victim.


North Pole Tragedy

The news media ignorance, lack of research, and/or "I just don't give a damn about accuracy!" has struck Interior Alaska, once more. If one looks at the video of the unfortunate mishap in North Pole Tuesday the 21/st of Aug 2012, the Alyeska truck involved is clearly shown...I defy anyone from the news staff to show me a picture of a "semi-truck", a "tractor-trailer", or any sort of articulated rig....Ok people let's wake up and get our heads out and report accurately not sheepishly follow what some know-nothing has said....DaveD