Plan would convert natural gas to electricity

An old idea is being dusted off to convert North Slope natural gas into electricity, and then send it around the state by wires.

A rural power utility and an Alaska Native corporation presented the idea to a group of lawmakers in Anchorage.

The idea was first broached by Arco Alaska decades ago.

The thought is electricity would provide cheaper heat, especially in rural and Interior Alaska where heating costs are prohibitive.

The Alaska Village Electric Cooperative will likely ask the Legislature for $2 million or $3 million for a study. That's an idea backed by Sens. Bill Wielechowski of Anchorage and Joe Thomas of Fairbanks, both Democrats.


Not after Golden valley was

Not after Golden valley was done with it. With all of their surcharges, fees, taxes, fuel useage, maintenance, sunrise fee, sunset fee. It would be cheaper to drive up their and buy it yourself. It was said building the oil pipeline we would have the cheapest oil in the nation, too. I dont trust you any farther than I can throw you.