Tanana Valley fair goes smoke free

The countdown is on for Friday when the Tanana Valley Fair will open its doors to the public for 10 days of fun, food, exhibits, and performances.

The fairgrounds have been a scene of last minute construction along with loading of supplies for the last few days as vendors prepare their booths

Carnival engineers have been busy with repairs and adjustments to insure the rides and structures are safe for the public.

This year's fair will feature quite a few changes including one that general manager Randi Carnahan says will have a major impact.

"Well the first thing to pay attention to is the fact that the fairgrounds is now "smoke free" as of this year.

So there are signs on all the gates, we've been getting that out through a variety of avenues.

That's at the request of the community, that we make the fairgrounds "smoke free".

There will be three designated smoking areas here on the grounds.

We'll have maps posted so that we can direct people to those.

But we are switching to become a "clean air fair".