Fairbanks Police release more information on shooting of 12-year-old boy

Fairbanks police say the death of a 12-year-old boy by gunshot was an apparent accident.
Malik Boykins was visiting a home near Fort Wainwright on Wednesday when he was hit in the head by a bullet from a .40-caliber handgun gun fired by another 12-year-old boy who lives at the home.
No adults were home during the incident.
Police say they don't plan to forward criminal charges against any adults. However, spokesman Peyton Merideth says the department is working with the juvenile justice system on possible charges against the boy who fired the gun.
The second boy's name has not been released; juvenile proceedings are not made public.



This happened in Birchwood Homes....why did you put Fort Wainwright? Channel 11 has always made Ft.wainwright and it's soldiers and families look bad. Does this reporter have friends who own or invest in Birchwood Homes? Normally that's how it works here in Fairbanks....I know bc I've lived her for over 10 yrears. SMH.

Birchwood shooting

It says "near Ft. Wainwright," not "on Ft. Wainwright." The shooting did, in fact, happen near Ft. Wainwright, a major geographical point in the area. Many people in Fairbanks (including Stephanie) have not lived here long, so a description like "near UAF" or "near Ft. Wainwright" is helpful. Thank you for your comment. We do try to be as impartial and non-biased as possible. No offense was meant.